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What is CALgraphy

     Photography has been a way for me to artistically express in an image what I remember seeing, in my mind, of places I have visited. People edit what they see all the time. It's easy to avoid seeing the flaws of something that you remember as strikingly beautiful.

     That's what I do when I process a digital photograph. I utilize a large variety of computer software programs to create images that reflect the beauty I remember. In other words I remove the blemishes, trash, and objects that interfere with the beauty of a landscape or city. I try to capture the lighting and colors I remember seeing when processing an image.

     The result of this is what I call CALgraphy--photography as visualized by me, CAL.


What products are available?

     This website has information of the variety of products available for purchase, including Note Cards, and a variety of sizes and media for  prints. For additional information contact me.

 What kind of images? This website displays some of my many images that I have taken around the United States and Europe. My intent is to show a sample of what I believe to be some of my best images and make them available for sale. Certainly I have many more, too many to display on this website. You can view more of my work by going to my portfolio on If you find an image that you would like to hang on your wall I can make that happen. Any of the images can made into a print suitable for framing and delivered to your door.

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