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Nothing triggers a fond memory of a special vacation like seeing a photograph of it on your wall. Having traveled around this country, as well as to parts of Europe, I may be able to provide you the memory of that special location.


You can purchase copies of my photographic works in a variety of formats and for a range of prices. It is impossible to display all the photographs from which you can choose but the slide show on the right gives you a small sample of what is available. I have a wide array of photographs on my SmugMug website. Simply click on the SmugMug logo below and you will be taken to my photographs, arranged by city or country.

What Options are Available?



You can purchase canvas prints. These are photographs made on artist canvas with a 1.5 inch frame with the image wrapped around the sides like the example on the right. These are available in a variety of sizes from a small  5"x 7" to a large 24"x 36". Prices can be provide on request, but a 16"x 20" canvas wrap runs around $95.00 plus shipping.



Standard  size prints are available in several formats. They can be purchased in all standard sizes and you can take them to your favorite frame shop and select the frame of your choice. Prices vary but an 11"x 14" photograph printed on 64lb, 100% acid-free cotton paper would cost $39.50 plus shipping.



For a lot of families wall space is not always available so another option is small  cards and postcards. There are 2 choices available, a 4"x 6" postcard, printed on 88lb stock and suitable for mailing, or a 5"x 7" card printed on 64lb, 100% acid-free cotton paper.

Postcards are $2.00 each and 5"x 7" cards are  $9.50 each



Sample 5"x 7" Cards

11"x 14" Framed Photograph

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